The Opening

This is the post excerpt.


Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rhexity… formerly known as Senkime, Kellis ISBI and Sarias Random Legacy writer.Starting out with a 100 babies challenge with my new sims named Eshe Greene. eshe

Bliss ISBI – Chapter 0.2


Welcome to our new installment of Bliss ISBI with a nauseaus Cora.

Oh the fishes invaded you…

Cora: No, the pancakes won’t cook right

Right and I’m the pope

Cora: In this universe, you are… dipshit.

Right, remember this dipshit can make you pregnant with seven babies and no husband.

Cora: Touche

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Here we have the update to the Bliss household including Plumb, I just change his hair and gave him facial hair.

Cora: I can do this

*major fail*

Cora: Fuck this machine to hell

Plumb: *watching television*

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You sure that the fishes didn’t get you.

Cora: Fuck you *runs to toilet to puke*

Seems like they did

*Toilet breaks*

You’re fixing that

Cora: *mumbles about a fucked up goddess*

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Awww they are bonding over the kids channel.

Cora: Why does the hunter have no muscles? He needs to be buff.

Plumb: *listens but focus on screen*

Cora: *goes run on treadmill then falls over heels*

Cora: Fuck! *keeps running*

Plumb: *goes flirt with wifey* I’m an electron and you are proton, we make the perfect being together.

Cora: That is so sickening sweet.

*Both goes to play chess for Plumb’s job of choice*



Bliss ISBI – Chapter 0.1

We left Cora heart farting over her boss and room mate as I’m currently looking for a potential spouse for her. Someone that can deal with her evil insanity.

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Cora: You know I can hear you.

Yes I do, I’m that insane voice in your mind

Cora: You wish.

So Cora have met Spike Pineapple, Plumb Berri, Cola Pop and Rex Berri. Out of all the males she has the highest attraction to Plumb.

Cora: He’s so manly.

He’s unemployed, light purple… >.> What do you see in him?

Cora: His bulge

Cora… I’m done with you right now.

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The next day, I sent Cora to hunt down Plumb to be her spouse after she went to work and gotten promoted to Cutpurse.

Cora: So do you want to be with me forever? Hear the voices with me until we get old and wrinkly?

Plumb: I sure do.

When they gotten married their monies went from 1,640 to 15,432. Sim logic, unemployed sim been living with room mates and had an inheritance.

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When they gotten home, they started right into the baby making.

Cora: Hi chubby

Plumb: Hey crazy

Once they were in the shower, we heard the sounds of lullabies meaning babies are coming.

Cora: I’m tired

Then go to bed, leaving Plumb to entertain himself until he was exhausted himself.

Bliss ISBI – Chapter 0.0

We begin our story in Sugar Valley, yes Sugar Valley. Put Cora in an empty lot as she currently on her phone, using her Simbook app.


Cora: Do you mind?

You know I don’t, so you are stuck with me forevaaaaa….

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Cora: Let me hid in the trash can.

I can still you…

Cora: Really?!


Cora: *mimics* Hi my name Rhex and I like stalking my sim that I made for this horror show.

*side eyes* You won’t  complaining earlier.


Here is her lovely half of a house.

Cora: Lovely my ass

You know I can delete everything and your monies except enough for a sleeping bag.

Cora: Oh it’s so beautiful

Thought so


I sent her to get her job in the Criminal career. Only a sim so evil wants to be evil.

Cora: You wasn’t complaining earlier.

Touche Cora touche

Currently Cora is the lowest of the low in the criminal career.


I sent her out to meet her boss, Dr. Pepper and they heartfarted.


Was invited into his home where she met his roommate, MintChocolate Krisp and they heartfarted.

I need you to pick a guy and not heart fart with all of them.

Cora: But they are so handsome.

Bliss ISBI – Introduction


I’m going to try my hand at another ISBI with this lovely lady here. Her name is Cora Bliss who is an evil hopeless romantic, always inappropriate and evil with flirty and insane tendencies. She is Scorpio who happens to like the color black, listens to Country music and eats Firecracker shrimp. Her LTW is to be the Emperor of Evil.

Point list that I’ll be using:

*Life-Time Wish Achievements (One tally per LTW achieved.)

*Cheats being used (One tally per mod that’s activated or haven’t been removed):
*Social Worker Visits. (One tally per child taken at SW visit.)
*Accidental Deaths.
*Number of Special Tombstones(non-old age) vs. Total Death Count. Ex: 8/15
*Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost)
*Reach top of a career. (One tally each time your sims do this, even if it’s the same sim doing it!)
*100,000. (One tally for every 100,000 simoleons in your net-worth. Check build/buy mode for this number.)

100 Baby Challenge

Author’s Note: For those who remember Senkime, that’s me. Yea, I lost log in information, so I decided to create a new wordpress account with blog attached. If I remember right, I was getting ready to close the second generation of the Sarias Legacy then all my sims went to hell and couldn’t access the laptop because that was extreme and annoying process to get everything from that laptop. So I decided to use one of my spares to do an 100 baby challenge. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the one who will take this challenge. I still haven’t decided to just do ten kids and make it generational or just do 100 kids and have you lovely people vote on a successor when we are around 95-100 range. So without further ado, I will introduce the one who I conned into this endeavor, Miss Spinel Sarias, who was the youngest twin of the last twins of the second generation Sarias offspring.


She is a heavy sleeper that is neurotic, artistic and charismatic while being family-oriented. She is a Leo which accounts to her stubbornness while she likes to eat firecracker shrimp, the color hot pink and Rockability music.